Nedco Conveyor Systems

Table Top Chain Conveyors

NEDCO offers a complete line of modular table top chain conveyor for smooth and continuous movement conveying applications. Special sections and accessories can be supplied, unless otherwise noted, all equipment is pre-engineered for long dependable service with a minimum amount of maintainance, and because of our standard modular component design, when replacement parts are required they can be shipped immediately. In the design of a conveyor system it is often necessary to perform many functions other than general transport. Nedco has a complete line of accessory equipment for these supplementary functions. They can easily be incorporated with other Nedco standard conveyors to form a complete conveyor system

Belt Conveyors

NEDCO manufactures belt conveyors in sanitary configurations in stainless steel that are U.S.D.A APPROVED for meat and poultry. NEDCO also manufactures belt conveyors in mild steel for various applications.

Spiral Elevators

Elevate or Lower Many Products Including Parts,Packages,Cartons, and Cases Smoothly & Reliably Without Indexing

The NEDCO Spiral Conveyor represents the most exciting conveyor development in several years. These rugged, field-proven units have quickly established an impressive record of reliability, ease of installation and low maintenance. The standard unit has an outside diameter of 38" with an angle of inclination of 15 degrees. Various in and outfeed configurations are available as standard. The unit can run at 200 FPM with perfect reliability, giving it the highest speed capability of any current package elevator. At any speed, the elimination of entrance-exit timing makes jam-free performance a reality

NEDCO spirals are also available for specialized applications: the unit can be built with a lower angle of inclination for unstable products; a standard case elevator with a large central core, 36" diameter, and an outside diameter of 80" is available. The standard unit can handle cases to 20" in width at the same speed of 200 FPM in single or multi-storey applications.

Accumulators & Lane Dividers

NEDCO MULTI-LANE ACCUMULATING TABLES are used in many different industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and manufacturing. They are useful in smoothing out production by eliminating the need to shut down a line due to minor delays. They can also accomplish single filing of various products, first in and first out. NEDCO MULTI-LANE TABLES can handle round, square, rectangular and oval containers.

There are different types of designs available :