Shelving Systems

Pacific shelving

Pacific Shelving offers the versatility of interchangeable components for all open and closed shelving units, the option of assembling with bolts and nuts rather than clips, and a selection of front post styles. Starter and adder models are available in most sizes.

RiveTier Solutions

saving you time and money Not only does it assemble in minutes, it’s actually 30% less expensive to assemble than bolted shelving, and 40% lower overall. Offering six different types of units, your problems are as good as solved.

The Deluxe Box Shelf Solution

Got Heavy? This is the shelf to store it on. There can only be one original. In the world of the box shelf system, Deluxe is the one and only. It lives up to the title “heavy duty” and makes no excuses when it comes to performance. First, consider the fact that the Deluxe Original Box Shelf is by far the strongest one piece shelf available. Deluxe is the box shelf system the others strive to live up to. Second, consider design and engineering that sets the standard for being rock-solid from the ground up. Then there is 1-inch vertical adjustability that provides the maximum amount of storage space no matter how minimal the area. When it comes to a box shelf storage solution that has been proven to stand the test of time, go with the original. Go Deluxe.

QuikPik Carton Flow Systems

Store 150% more of your product in the same amount of space, just by converting a static pallet rack to a live carton flow system—in minutes.

More Products

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